Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) goes beyond service delivery to build sustainable ecosystems that support inclusion. An inclusive ecosystem is one where all people can live full lives in supportive and enabling environments. When each community functions as a holistic ecosystem real inclusion happens. 






There are 8.8 million people with disabilities in South Africa – over 2 million are children, most of whom do not access adequate health, social or learning opportunities. The lack of inclusion of a family member or child with a disability impacts the opportunities of the rest of the family, meaning that in South Africa more than 28 million individuals face additional barriers. That’s 28 million people negatively affected because of barriers in health, social and educational opportunities – making disability EVERYONE’S issue.

The SSE has spent over 30 years working with families, communities, government and organisations to remove these barriers – how can we help you?



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“Marianne knows what she is talking and she taught me a lot on how to look differently at people with disability.  She also alert me on the manner in which we normally address them could be offended and taught me how to include them in society. This is very powerful information. It is mindshifting and life-changing.”

Let’s Talk Disability – Online training during COVID-19 lockdown

“I would like to congratulate your whole team on the excellent quality of the training, videos, presentations…you guys have put in so much effort into the training materials and I am super impressed. Very Well Done!!!”

Ayesha Paulsen 

Northern Cape Department of Health

“I love the training! I think I am going to change our whole outreach approach…”

~attending Community Based Play and Learning Remote training during COVID-19 lockdown.

Eileen Ollewagen

Kuruman Hospital Rehab Supervisor 

“The sessions broadened my knowledge on children disability. What I loved most was the part on playing as part of development. The fact that playing is important irrespective of the extent of disability. Just as long as it’s done in the correct manner it helps with stimulation. The other aspect I enjoyed was on goal setting.” 


Ndinogona Training

“Thank you so much for equipping us Shonaquip. You make a huge difference to parents. When parents and caregivers are empowered with knowledge and wisdom how to cooperate it makes life much easier and also helps them to live a quality life.” 

Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“In a rural setting like us, we don’t have all the facilities and equipment to treat the patient, but the sessions made me realized that  I have a whole community that contribute to treating our patients holistically. Also the sessions expanded my knowledge on many topics. “ 

Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“I love that questions were encouraged and answered in a very comprehensive yet simple and practical way! I can definitely say that my confidence in my clinical reasoning and skills for seating has improved! Thank you guys for making this possible!”


Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“The training sessions were very well structured. The theory content started from the basics which was very helpful for a Com Serve like myself.”


Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“The content of the programme was very good and the assessments after each session correlated well to the session. Using case studies helped to have an opportunity to apply knowledge.”


Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“For a remote learning experience, it was excellent!! The facilitators were more than helpful and could be messaged with problems.”  


Community Based Outreach Clinic 

Online Training during COVID-19 lockdown

“…thank you again to and Uhambo these trainings are a lifeline for some of us.” 

Keolebogile Ghambi 

Ndinogona remote training during COVID-19 lockdown

“Awesome people doing incredible work. Love you guys” 

Gary Hopkins

via Facebook

“You change people’s lives!  Friendly, efficient, and so sensitive to the needs of families. Thank you.” 

Amelia Meyer

via Facebook

“My daughter was fitted today and the Shonaquip team was absolutely amazing! So caring and professional. They were knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Could not recommend them enough!!!”

Amanda Bishop Kick 

via Facebook


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