Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) enables the inclusion of children with disabilities and their families across Southern Africa.


Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) enables the inclusion of children with disabilities and their families across Southern Africa.


Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) is a hybrid social enterprise consisting of Shonaquip (PTY)Ltd, Uhambo Foundation (NPC) and the Champions of Change Trust. Together we share a joint objective of creating inclusive, barrier-free communities for children with disabilities and their families.

Shonaquip (PTY)Ltd was founded in 1992 as a ‘business for good’ to create and sell posture support and mobility devices and use profit to carry out community work – but a business structure limited the potential to raise additional funds for much needed community work and training.  

The Uhambo Foundation (NPC) was therefore founded in 2010 to grow Shonaquip’s community- focused programmes and reach more under- resourced communities. 

The Champions of Change Trust was launched in 2020 and enables parents to support one another, provide and access information and advice, and to become inclusion champions in their own communities. This gives parents the power to become active decision makers in their child’s life.

Today, these three entities work together to form the Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE). Together, we build inclusion for children with disabilities and their families. 

As a Hybrid Social Enterprise, ShonaquipSE’s Boards ensure that all surplice and profits generated are reinvested back into achieving our purpose of social impact.


Address mobility barriers by supplying appropriate devices, wheelchairs, related services and training. Employ and upskill people with disabilities and their families.



Build the capacity of communities, government departments and individuals with disabilities and their families to remove community barriers to Health, Education, and Social inclusion.


Build the parent capacity of children with disabilities to remove barriers in their communities and lead the disability inclusion movement through parent-led research, support and networking.


When Shona McDonald’s daughter, Shelly, was born with Cerebral Palsy, their family faced challenges most have never had to consider. Unable to sit or move around independently, with no available devices, Shona drew on her sculpting background to design Shelly’s first mobility device. The customised postural support made Shelly’s care safer and easier and opened new possibilities for fun and learning.

Shona made it her life’s work to produce the best possible devices, but understood that a great wheelchair alone is not enough. She worked with the World Health Organisation, government departments,  and many parents and partners to help drive inclusion – impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and adults with disabilities, and their families. 

Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) was founded in 1992 with two team members working out of Shona’s garage. Currently, Africa’s leading ISO 13485 certified pediatric wheelchair services provider, with 75 technicians, seamstresses, therapists, and community workers, our services have expanded to grow inclusive ecosystems across Southern Africa.  Underpinned by a belief that ALL children have the right, and ability, to be included, the SSE uses a holistic approach to enable health, education and social  inclusion.

By refusing to accept the status quo, and championing for her daughter’s inclusion, Shona created a unique business model, based on need and impact instead of profit. She brought together teams from diverse backgrounds to form a group of passionate people who work to make inclusion a reality for children with disabilities and their families. 

30% of our team members have disabilities, including a team of specialized wheelchair technicians who are wheelchair users themselves. 
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