Parents of children with disabilities need access to high  quality information and support if they are to see their children and families thrive. 

Networks of support play an important role in sharing quality information and support. Believing it best that families ‘do things for themselves by themselves’, we encourage them to grow as change agents in the lives of not only their children but other children in their communities. 

The Parent Champion Network has created a (virtual) community where its members (parents of children with disabilities, caregivers, and friends) feel a sense of belonging and community, support one another by sharing experience and practical tips, and access information and skills from service providers when needed.


Who can join?

If you are the primary caregiver, or you are a passionate champion for children with disabilities in your community, you will benefit from the Parent Network – contact us to find out more!

What does it cost?

The network is being created by parents, for parents and is free for you to join! 

How does it work?

The Parent Network has a few different roles: An Advisory Board made up of Parents and Inclusion Champions helps to keep the Network growing in the right direction. A Network Parent volunteers their time to lead and support a group of Parent Champions in their district. A Parent Champion is any parent or inclusion champion who contributes to, and benefits from, the network. Parent Champions support families of children with disabilities in their direct community with information and referral through the network. All of the stakeholders are supported by Shonaquip Social Enterprise’s Admin, Training, and Social Support Teams. 

The Network makes use of WhatsApp to connect, share information and support one another. 

How do I join?

Call or WhatsApp us on 071 371 9103 or send us a direct message on Facebook! You can also email francisca@shonaquipse.org.za


Contact:  Francisca Velasquez-Turner | Email: francisca@shonaquipse.org.za

Call/WhatsApp:  +27 (0)71 371 9103

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