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Ndinogona “I Can” Inclusive Play

The Ndinogona “I Can” Inclusive Play for ECD’s programme provides the training, experience and resources to empower parents, caregivers, ECD practitioners and teachers at even the least equipped centres to interact with and promote play and learning for all children across the spectrum of abilities and needs. This is a simpler more economical version of the full Ndinogona “I Can” Stimulation programme.

All children are unique and both these programmes equip parents, caregivers, ECD practitioners and teachers with the ability to adapt ECD concepts, structured stimulation and play to create learning programmes that are fun, safe and empowering for each child within their care.

Play is vitally important to all children’s development, as play is the way that children learn about their world and practice important life skills enabling children to play and participate more in daily activities.

Download this leaflet to find out more.

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