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Powerbase Frame

Our electrically powered mobility base option is perfectly suited to work with any of our seating systems to give much needed opportunity and freedom of movement for people with severe mobility impairments, who may otherwise not be able to move around independently.

It’s a robust package featuring various components sourced for their reliability and durable quality, all integrated on a strong steel frame.

The Powerbase can be paired with any of our range of seating systems.

Download the Manual and Power Bases Brochure here.

Download the Power Base Spec Sheet here.

Discover the Powerbase features and options available.  Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Discover the Powerbase features and options available. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

Base Features

Base Frame

The strong tubular steel frame has been designed with long term durability and strength in mind.

Large Rugged Wheels

Large Rugged Wheels

Large, deep tread 20” pneumatic wheels offer a comfortable ride and excellent grip making it easy to negotiate a variety of terrains.


The rear castor wheels are mounted on a bar that pivots independently from the front drive wheels, providing stability on uneven terrain.


Two powerful 24V electric motors, deliver   power to move you to where you want to go.

They can also be disengaged when the chair needs to be manually manoeuvred.

Anti-Tipper Wheels

Removable front anti-tipper wheels are fitted to provide additional safety from tipping when negotiating uneven or inclined terrain.


The electric motors are powered by two robust deep cycle 12V batteries, providing reliable energy for a long day out. 

Mobility Base Options

Joystick control

A practical joystick controller enables the user to have full control of the Powerbase. An adjustable speed setting allows for setting the forward motion of the chair and a battery indicator shows the available charge.

Electronic Tilt-in-space

An electrically operated actuator can be installed for controlling tilt-in-space. This is controlled through the joy stick, enabling the users to easily self-adjust the angle of their seat.

*Availability depends on seating system.

Clear Laptray (powerbase)

Every Powerbase is fitted with a clear polycarbonate laptray, customised for the individual. This tough transparent plastic enables the user to see in front of them, while having a surface on which they can rest their arms to control the chair and do activities.

Chin Control

A chin controller can be custom set up and installed for users who aren’t able to use their hands for operating the chair.

Seat System Options

Madiba2Go Seat
Madiba2Go Seat

The award-winning Madiba2Go Seat is a modular full body seating system specifically designed for children with low tone who need more postural support than a traditional wheelchair or stroller can offer. Ideal for ages 6 months and up, easily accommodating young and growing bodies, the light weight seat is fully adjustable,  providing comfort and the best alignment of the body.

madiba seat
Madiba Seat

The Madiba is our original rugged rural posture support bucket seat. It provides a solid surface to configure positioning cushions that can be shaped individually to create a custom positioning support for each user. It is ideal for users with high tone that require a stable and secure seat.

sully active

The SullyActive Kids seat is a specially designed rugged posture support seating system. It is ideal for energetic and curious young children who will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. It is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years and can adjust to accommodate basic to intermediate postural support needs with another of additional accessory options.

SamActive Seat

The SamActive flexible posture support seating system can be configured and adjusted for adult users with intermediate to complex postural needs. The open design means it can be fitted with a variety of seat cushions and back systems to ensure an optimal fit for each individual user, providing comfort and the best alignment of the body.

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