Inappropriate moving and handling can be a risk for both the child and carer.  Every child is different, therefore the way each child is moved and handled  should be adapted accordingly. With proper training facilitated by experienced SSE teams, these risks to both the child and carer can be mitigated and discomfort or  injury avoided.


Anyone who is interested to learn more about the practical handling of a child with a disability. Recommended for Community Service therapists; Community Health workers; Teachers; Parents; Caregivers; Hospital staff & Nurses; Assistants, Drivers. 


Instead of creating an additional burden of having to do “exercises,” carers learn how to adapt their daily tasks to benefit the child. Participants gain confidence in moving and handling which encourages trust and builds relationships. Ideally involves hands-on practice with children with disabilities during training 


±5 days


In-person training


CPD for Therapists

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