The masked world we now live in is incredibly challenging for people with disabilities, comorbidities and the elderly. Not being able to see the face of the person caring or working with you can be a source of great anxiety.

This is why we’ve developed the Shonaquip respirator which provides safe, cooling airflow in stressful humid environments, while the clear full-face visor allows the user to maintain a human connection with those around them, reducing fear, enabling lip-reading and reassuring facial expressions.

The purifier lasts for 8 hours on a single charge, and has a P3 virus filtration system. It also reduces reliance on single use, disposable products, thereby reducing environmental waste, logistic challenges and the cost of imported face masks.

Retail price R5952 incl. VAT

We’re in the final stages of NRCS certification and are taking pre-orders here

Please share this with your networks – it’s a game changer for anyone in a frontline health, work or education environment.

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