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Folding 10 Buggy Base Frame

Our award-winning rugged folding buggy base frame is perfect for taking on off-road terrain, where conventional urban strollers would struggle. 

It broadens families’ lifestyle possibilities by providing an appropriate interchangeable frame for outdoor activities, ideal for country living, rambling and camping trips. It is light and easy to manage at only 13kg and folds compactly flat for easy storage and transportation in your vehicle.

The base frame can be paired with our Madiba or Madiba2Go seating systems or set up to accommodate a wide range of alternative seating system brands. This is done utilising a simple plate design that facilitates fitting of alternative interface systems.

Download the buggy bases leaflet here.

The Folding 10 Buggy Base Frame fits specific seating options.  Click to view more.

Base Features

Folding Base Frame

This foldable rugged frame was developed to be stronger than regular urban buggy frames, to easily cope with the challenges of uneven off-road terrain. 

It’s simple construction and standard components makes it easy to maintain and repair.

Off-Road Wheels

Chunky, hard wearing 4 ply pneumatic rubber wheels provide stability and comfort to negotiate challenging off road and rough terrain.


Light and easy to manage at only 13kg, the frame can fold compactly flat to the height of the rear wheels, by a simple  pull of the red lanyard below the push handle. The folding enables easy storage and transportation in the majority of vehicles.

Adjustable Tilt in Space

Tilt-in-space adjustment is fitted as standard with each mobility base option. 

It helps both for positioning and pressure relief.

Push Handle

Three height settings ensure a comfortable push handle height can be found for the parent or caregiver pushing the buggy.

Seat System Options

Madiba2Go Seat

The award-winning Madiba2Go Seat is a modular full body seating system specifically designed for children with low tone who need more postural support than a traditional wheelchair or stroller can offer. Ideal for ages 6 months and up, easily accommodating young and growing bodies, the light weight seat is fully adjustable,  providing comfort and the best alignment of the body.

Madiba Seat

The Madiba is our original rugged rural posture support bucket seat. It provides a solid surface to configure positioning cushions that can be shaped individually to create a custom positioning support for each user. It is ideal for users with high tone that require a stable and secure seat. 

*This frame is only available for Madiba seat sizes Baby1, Baby2, Small and Medium.

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