The Power base forms part of the modular mobility options that work in conjunction with our range of posture support wheelchair systems. A rugged frame paired with strong motors and grippy wheels make the power base option an ideal solution for users who aren’t able to self propel but require a power assistive mobility option.

View the PowerBase features below.


Base Frame

The power base has been designed with long term durability and strength in mind. Reinforced brackets support two deep cycle batteries, which power the two front wheel drive electric motors.

Large Rugged Wheels

Large, deep tread 20” pneumatic wheels offer a comfortable ride and excellent grip enabling the user to negotiate a variety of terrains.

Joystrick Control

A practical joystick controller enables the user to have full control of the Power Base. An adjustable speed setting allows the user to set the forward motion of the chair and a battery indicator allows them to keep an eye on available power.

Clear Lexan Laptray 

Each Power Base is fitted with a clear Lexan laptray. This tough plastic enables the user to see their feet while having a surface on which they can rest their arms to control the chair and do activities.

Optional Extras
  • Chin Control
  • Foot Control
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