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Rigid 20 Active Base Frame

Our compact active base frame is an excellent mobility option for energetic and curious young children who are able to self-propel and will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. Cambered wheels improve manoeuvrability and fold away anti-tipper gives some security on uneven and steep terrain.

The rigid base frame provides a strong stable foundation for mounting either the Sully or Madiba2Go seating systems, depending on the child’s posture support needs.

Download the active bases leaflet here.

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Base Features

Active Base Frame

This rugged off-road  frame was developed to provide durability in the roughest terrain. It’s rigid structure provides a stable foundation to support the seat.

Cambered Wheels

Quick release 20” diameter rear wheels, with off-road tread, have been mounted with a slight camber to provide improved manoeuvrability and stability on both level and uneven terrain.

Hand Brakes

Easy to reach hand brakes make it simple to safely lock the wheelchair in place and stop it from moving.

Anti-Tipper Wheel

A single fold away anti-tip wheel can be quickly stored out of the way behind the seat.

Height adjustment ensures optimum stability for users with varying levels of wheelchair mobility skills.

Adjustable Tilt in Space

Tilt-in-space adjustment is fitted as standard with each mobility base option. 

It helps both for positioning and pressure relief.


The rear wheels can be detached from the base to allow for easy transportation and storage.

Seat System Options


The SullyActive Kids seat is a specially designed rugged posture support seating system. It is ideal for energetic and curious young children who will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. It is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years and can adjust to accommodate basic to intermediate postural support needs with another of additional accessory options.

Madiba2Go Seat

The award-winning Madiba2Go Seat is a modular full body seating system specifically designed for children with low tone who need more postural support than a traditional wheelchair or stroller can offer. Ideal for ages 6 months and up, easily accommodating young and growing bodies, the light weight seat is fully adjustable,  providing comfort and the best alignment of the body.

*This frame is only available for Madiba2Go seat sizes Baby and Small.

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