The Tess Back support is the ideal rigid back system to accommodate users with basic to intermediate postural support needs. With over 30 different back and side support combinations, this rigid back system can be used to seat a wide variety of wheelchair users who require firm pelvis and trunk side support. It maintains firm spinal alignment and promotes even weight bearing in sitting, which assists in preventing pressure sores and spinal deviations. By providing optimal support to the pelvis, trunk and back, the Tess back facilitates optimal arm and hand function.

Used in conjunction with a good positioning cushion, it promotes healthy development of the spine in children and helps prevent and delay spinal deviations in adults.

The Tess Back was specifically designed to be lightweight and user-friendly. It fits with our SullyActive and SamActive seating systems and a wide range of different wheelchairs, both manual and motorised.
CE certified and tested in accordance with ISO 16840-3.



There are three height options available. Mid and upper thoracic back heights for active users who self-propel, and shoulder height for users who need support at the highest level. The back can be adjusted through a range of 15° enabling the seating specialist to recline the back to an optimal angle for the user to sit in a balanced and comfortable position


These enable the user to sit in an upright and balanced position, improving lung capacity and preventing users from collapsing to the side. The depth of the side supports can be specified according to the user’s needs.


Simple adjustment with a 10mm spanner can be done to configure the back for the user. Further adjustments can be made with foam build ups under the covers to accommodate intermediate deviations of the trunk and spine.


The back can easily be removed or re-attached with just one hand, allowing the wheelchair to fold. It is also possible for the user to transfer the back between 2 different wheelchairs if necessary e.g. home and school wheelchair.


A set of 19mm & 22mm clamps are supplied with every back system enabling it to be mounted not only on our range of posture support seating systems, but on a wide range of different manual and motorised wheelchairs.


Neat uncluttered durable covers are designed to be tough, stretchable, washable and easily removed and redressed.

Seat System Options


The Sully Active Kids seat is a specially designed rugged posture support seating system. It is ideal for energetic and curious young children who will benefit from independent mobility to explore the world. It is suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years and can adjust to accommodate basic to intermediate postural support needs with another of additional accessory options. 


The Sam Active flexible posture support seating system can be configured and adjusted for adult users with intermediate to complex postural needs. The open design means it can be fitted with a variety of seat cushions and back systems to ensure an optimal fit for each individual user, providing comfort and the best alignment of the body.


The Tess Back has been developed to fit on a range of other wheelchairs.  Please contact us to find out more.

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