The Shonaquip Social Enterprise is proud of our team who come from different backgrounds and life experiences, education and skills. With 30 years working closely with rural communities to build sustainable impact across various programmatic areas, we love to share more about our model which  continues to grow inclusion in a sustainable way. 

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shona mcdonald

Shona McDonald

Social Entrepreneurship and sustainable business

Founder, Shona McDonald, has been widely recognised for innovation, social entrepreneurship, and business practice by numerous groups. These include Schwab Foundation, Ashoka Foundation and most recently, National Disability Rights Summit: Lifetime Impact Award (2017); PERA Social Enterprise Award Winner & SAB Foundation Inaugural Disability Empowerment Award (2016) – current.


Our interdisciplinary team and extended network have experience as guest lecturers or practical workshop instructors in the following areas:

  • Universal access
  • Disability awareness
  • Social Model of disability
  • 24 hour posture support and seating (specialised for children)
  • Inclusive play and stimulation programmes
  • Social Work Support & referrals for people with disabilities

See our training programmes page for more topics and areas of expertise, or contact us today to book a guest lecture or workshop for your programme. 

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