No child thrives in isolation. Recent data published by UNICEF reports that  there may be at least 2,1  million children living with disabilities in South Africa. Approximately 500 000 of these children are reported to be excluded from education opportunities and in need of full time care, meaning that at least one family member/caregiver is left unable to work. It is clear that disability impacts not only the child, but the family too. 

Our Social Support team can refer you to useful resources and services in Health, Education and Social sectors.  We also work with parents across South Africa to create a network of information and support for families – join now!


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Our Auxiliary Social workers, supported by a social worker, can help you in these ways:

  • Access assistive devices and refer you to related support services.
  • Provide emotional and social support to persons with disabilities and their families
  • Attend to grant-related matters including IDs & birth certificates
  • Support you in accessing your child’s right to education and other learning opportunities

Contact us today to make an appointment, or for a referral to your nearest seating practitioner.


The Shonaquip Social Enterprise has created a Parent Network which is a digital (over WhatsApp) community where parents and caregivers of children with disabilities support one another by sharing their experiences & practical tips, across 9 South African provinces. We do this by ensuring that parents have access to information either through training sessions or by accessing information through networks of parents.

Parents who want to join our Network can contact Neliseka on 071 371 9103 or go here to find out a little more.

For specific psychosocial support please contact our social worker Nel Boshoff on 071 571 8900.


Children with disabilities and their families often feel isolated in their communities as a result of social stigma and myths about disability. 

Because we believe disability to be ‘everyone’s business’, we facilitate “Let’s Talk Disability” conversations in communities. These offer community members, service providers, school teachers, children, civil servants and businesses an opportunity to come together to explore their views and understanding of disability. They go on to identify the barriers in their community (affecting people with disabilities) and plan action to create a more inclusive and barrier-free environment. 

Contact us today to bring Disability Awareness training to your community, family, school, or workplace. Learn more about “Let’s Talk Disability” by visiting our training programmes page alternatively contact us via our website form.


We offer remote and in-person training workshops in 24 hour positioning and seating.

Enquire about our CPD-accredited training opportunities. Click here to learn more.  We also offer advice and support to Community Service and full time Therapists.

Click on the button below to visit our link tree for upcoming workshops.

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