Seating is a specialized skill requiring postgraduate training. Current training at universities is not able to prepare students fully for the realities of wheelchair service provision. 


Third and fourth-year allied health students from South African universities, including occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and physiotherapy students.


Participation in this program will enable students to respond appropriately to much-needed interventions once they enter the public service domain and to provide channels for development and remote support in seating. Students will have opportunities to apply theory in different contexts and will be equipped with skills to ensure appropriate clinical reasoning and problem-solving. They will be familiarised with the National tender process, spec sheets, and an understanding of what devices are locally available.


Ideally delivered as in-person training format at university venue: 1 full-day workshop with additional self-study. Remote training format available: ±5 hours of presentations with additional self-study and feedback sessions to assess self-study activities completed.


Remote and In-person options available (In-person format is recommended)


CPD Pending

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