In 2019 we turned Inclusion into Action! Take a look at our first overarching impact report that captures the activities and impact of the Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) over 2019.  


Over the course of 2019 the SSE impacted 5,871 primary beneficiaries and 360,740 secondary beneficiaries. This report breaks down our impact, programme delivery and pays close attention to what the impact hypothesis of each of our activities, and how we will know whether what we are doing is making a real difference. 

PART A briefly captures the SSE’s approach to building inclusion by focussing on 4 components of the ecosystem. Our work integrates a systemic and evidence-based process that takes into consideration the indigenous knowledge of communities as well as national and global trends within the sector. It is designed to connect the experiences and knowledge of the practice of our teams with one another, partner organisations and beneficiaries to activate and sustain impact. 

This approach builds internal leadership skills, builds on the quality of practice while it increases communities’ sense of involvement, ownership and empowerment. You will find some useful data and reflections from our teams in “our year in review”.

PART B focuses on our organisational structure, process design and how we capture impact information using the Acumen Lean Data methodology, how we analyze and use captured data to make decisions and change the perception of disability to help communities build inclusion.


  • The Shonaquip Social Enterprise team
  • Compiled by Erna van der Westhuizen (Impact & Learning manager)
  •; 072 969 856
  • Copyright © 2020 Shonaquip (Pty) Ltd OR Uhambo
  • Foundation NPC (Shonaquip Social Enterprise) All rights reserved.

Download the full report here


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