The SSE recognises that we are all far from realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What
is clear is that the effects of the pandemic and the uncertainty it is causing is having a devastating effect
on the lives of billions of people. Most importantly 2020 has highlighted for us that by working together,
fostering agency, building ecosystems of support and using collaborative systems change approaches,
we can change the way the story ends for people with disabilities and their families.

By working with communities, governments, businesses, and donor organisations we continue to identify
and address the underlying root causes of stigma and bias and can successfully begin influencing,
shifting and transforming systems at many levels. Our team continues to impact the lives of thousands
of children with disabilities, their families, caregivers, educators, health and social service providers,
despite very limited resources.

The outcomes we strive for remain, resilient, lasting change in behaviour and practice that supports the
development of just, sustainable and compassionate communities who actively engage and welcome
diversity and inclusion.

Shona McDonald
Founder of the Shonaquip Social Enterprise


2020 has been the furthest from what we expected and planned for. In reviewing our 2020 impact, I am
touched by many stories of ordinary South Africans making change, advocating for inclusion, living it,
being an example of it and showing the rest of the world that it’s possible. I am inspired by our teams for
adjusting and innovating in the face of a crisis, but, collectively, we rose to the occasion and watched
how our innovations took flight. I am moved by partners, globally, who remain committed to bringing
disability to the Agenda.

The launch of the parent network has surprised me, it excites me and I cannot wait to see what is going
to happen this year! Thank you to every one of you reading this report!

I am dedicating this work to the memory of mama Ndumi – your efforts, work, and dedication will forever
be something we aspire towards.


Erna van der Westhuizen

Learning & Impact manager: SSE

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