ShonaquipSE has an ECD stimulation kit that we use to train parents and teachers on how to include children with disabilities in play activities. The kit includes a lot of basic toys and other educational items. Over the years we’ve always struggled to find affordable books that are relevant to our South African communities. Most of the books are stories of children in first world countries that our children can’t relate to. They also never include a child with a disability.

Due to the pandemic, stock has been very low and prices have increased. We therefore struggled to find books about “My body” and “Transport”. The ShonaquipSE team decided to seize this as an opportunity to create something special for the children we work with.



We had so much fun creating these books. You will see that our body books account for different abilities and impairments so that every child’s body is recognised. And in our transport book you will see a few proudly South African additions that children can recognise around them.

THESE BOOKS ARE NOT FOR RESALE but can be downloaded for a donation amount of your choice.

Donations go towards enabling inclusion for children with disabilities and their families in South Africa by providing disability awareness training, wheelchairs and seating services, inclusive play and learning training, psychosocial support and parent-driven advocacy. 

Donate through PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/uhambo 


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Branch Code (also called SORT code): 201109

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Download “My Body” here

Download “Transport” here

Please enjoy sharing these books, tag us on social media in a photo of your child interacting with the book, and feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions!

Enjoy reading together!

With love,

The ShonaquipSE team

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