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Welcome to our Impact Journey 2022.23

The Shonaquip Social Enterprises’s (SSE’s) commitment to an ecosystemic journey has guided us through a jungle of strategic decisions, operational and financial challenges keeping us committed to understanding and acknowledging the complexities of disability inclusion in South Africa. This report documents our journey through 2022/23.

Rebuilding social cohesion is essential to South Africa’s economic development. While investors’ initial instinct might be to reduce the funding for social impact programs during challenging economic times, this will prove to be shortsighted as times of crisis are exactly when innovation is at its height and opportunity to reinforce impact work comes alive.

This is not a time for ticking boxes, but about making a difference by creating sustained outcomes that drive value and fuel growth while at the same time strengthen  environment, societies, and governance structures. This means data becomes even more critical.  Establishing a solid data-collection strategy must include a bottom-up approach that brings beneficiaries into the process in a way that meaningfully captures their voices. This includes employees and key stakeholders, and involves strengthening and leveraging internal and external partnerships.

In the quest for social impact, focusing on outcomes over proxy metrics is requiring us to think boldly and innovatively. The importance of outcomes is clear. From direct aid programs to systems policy change, it’s imperative to substantiate our efforts through knowing our actual impact results. Our desire for transparency means that we need clear impact data to demonstrate the results of our programs to ourselves, our clients, beneficiaries, our teams, and other stakeholders.

Welcome to our journey for 2022.23. Join us as you page through our outcomes, reflections, and stories of remarkable yet ordinary South Africans making a difference. We salute our team and thank our partners.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. ”

— Desmond Tutu

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