“Inclusion is intentional. It is about identifying and removing barriers so that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.”

Recently we supplied Door of Hope (https://doorofhope.co.za/) with a few specialised wheelchairs and standing frames. Door of Hope is a children’s home in JHB who have started welcoming children with special needs. The 2 ShonaquipSE devices shown in this image were donated by the Paige Project (https://www.paigeproject.org.za/).

This pic truly warms our hearts and reminds us why early intervention is so important.

“The importance of early intervention, on all levels, cannot be over emphasised and when working in the field, seating very young children and seeing the immediate effect that it gives brings great joy.

When it comes to a child with a physical disability the importance is further emphasised and of paramount importance, especially in relation to correct and appropriate seating and positioning, both which need to be implemented sooner rather than later.

Seeing a toddler manoeuvre himself, tentatively at first, in a self-propelling device and then watching him gain momentum and shout with delight at his newfound freedom as he goes speeding around the garden. Seeing friends pushing friends, who usually rely on adults to carry them, delighting in simply walking together, playing together independently speaks to the importance of early intervention. Seeing the look on the face of a Mom as her child delights in independent mobility and hearing her say, “this is life changing for us all” is what motivates and drives early intervention.

The positive effects the correct and appropriate devices as well as related services have on, not only seating and positioning, correct postural alignment and the prevention of secondary complications are immeasurable. Appropriate products that enable custom fitting allow for specific modifications to suit individual needs and in so doing allow for early intervention right from the onset.

Not only does the correct device and appropriate product allow for correct postural alignment and support but also allows for the opportunity for a young child to become and develop independent mobility

Furthermore improved function, in all areas of essential life skills such as feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, independent transfers is promoted and encouraged as is learning, stimulation, communication and play which when combined in entirety support inclusion into society within communities in a proactive, positive way and as such dispels myths and stigmas pertaining disability.”

Ruth Stubbs from The Paige Project  (https://www.paigeproject.org.za/)

@thepaigeprojectsa @doorofhopesa


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