Over and above the usual day to day admin, innovation, assessments, facilitating local training programmes and clinics, our team have been seriously busy visiting new countries and attending very exciting events. We thought we’d update you what a few of them have been up to:

In late November/December last year the Shonaquip clinical team traveled to Eswatini for a week long clinical review of the 30 children who received Shonaquip mobility and posture support devices in May.⁠⁠

Due to growth, correct seating requires adjustments, ideally every 6 months. Plus repairs due to normal wear.

With Shonaquip, Vusumnotfo Eswatini are in the process of designing a project for in-service training of Swazi therapists in seating Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. After therapists are trained and mentored to standard, they will be able to directly purchase Shonaquip devices, saving the cost of our clinical team going to Eswatini.

In December last year we were 1 of 4 companies that were chosen to take part in the German-African Business Summit (GABS) 2022 – Germany’s signature business event for business leaders, executives and government representatives from Germany Sub-Saharan Africa which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 6-8 December 2022.

Thank you GABS 2022 for the wonderful opportunity.


In January we attended the SIOC Community Development TRUST Day 2022. We loved how they are prioritising the barriers learners with disabilities face to be included in education.

Find out more here https://www.sioc-cdt.co.za/stakeholders-day-presentation-2022/


In February two of our team members went to Vienna to join the #ZeroCon23
What an honour and amazing experience it was for both of them!

The Zero Project Conference on 22-24 February 2023 is an annual disability inclusion gathering at the United Nations Office at Vienna. It brings together innovators and key decision makers from all sectors to foster partnerships, share new proven solutions, and support the international scaling of these solutions, all towards the mission for a world with zero barriers. We were awarded for the work we do around our Parent Network: Digital-based support group for parents of children with disabilities.

Parents of children with disabilities need access to high-quality information and support if they are to see their children and families thrive.

The Parent Champion Network has created a (virtual) community where its members (parents of children with disabilities, caregivers, and friends) feel a sense of belonging and community, support one another by sharing experiences and practical tips, and access information and skills from service providers when needed.


We were invited to attend the Arab Health Global Healthcare Medical Expo 2023. It was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. We proudly showcased our sustainable, high quality, locally made products and the impact we have on families with children with disabilities in Africa. It was a great success!


Another two team members braved cyclone Freddy and traveled to Mozambique to explore new collaborations, strengthen existing partnerships and provided some essential training.


As part of SIOC Community Development TRUST, our task team went on a 2 week long trip around Limpopo in South Africa to facilitate Let’s Talk Disability Workshops in the community. We love how this training connects, supports and strengthens our The Parent Champion Network.


Lastly, Shona and Danika are currently in Nairobi, Kenya meeting with our partner Chai regarding the LEGO Foundation grant … more exciting news to follow!


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